Am I Sick? What to Do if You Wake Up Feeling Horrible But Don't Know What is Wrong with You

You wake up and you’re feeling groggy, like most days. However, this time you feel a little more sluggish than usual, and maybe a bit dizzy as you make your way to the shower. After your shower, all you want to do is crawl back into bed. There’s no doubt about it: something isn’t right. You might be sick.

We’ve all had this unpleasant experience before. More often than not, these are the first signs of coming down with a cold. However, these early feelings of fatigue could mean a number of things. If you wake up feeling horrible, what’s the first thing you should do? You have some options.

Call Your Doctor

If you’re feeling unwell but it’s not an emergency, you can call the office of your primary health care provider and set up an appointment or ask about walk-ins. This is a good option for those who have access to transportation and don’t live too far from their doctor. However, you might run into wait times.

For something potentially minor like this you may want to go a different route to get help or medicine more quickly.

Visit an Urgent Care Center

If you don’t currently have a primary care provider or easy access to one, you can visit your nearest urgent care facility. Here you might also face long wait times if it’s particularly busy. You also won’t be able to choose your doctor.

Still, these facilities are useful for diagnosing minor concerns relatively quickly. There is usually some paperwork to fill out upon checking in, especially if you’ve never visited that center before. Any doctor you see here will be able to give you advice for proper treatment and may even write you a prescription if necessary.

Talk to a Doctor Online

It wasn’t always the case in the past, but today you can talk to a doctor online and skip the lines entirely. Services like Tembi™ Health offer consultations over the phone or video chat with board-certified medical professionals. These providers will go over your symptoms, advise treatment options, and also write prescriptions that are delivered to your preferred pharmacy.

It takes less than ten minutes to sign up with Tembi™ and just another ten minutes to receive your online doctor consultation. If you wake up feeling under the weather, this is a great option. It eliminates the need to drive or be driven to a doctor’s office and puts you in the front of the line every time.

You can speak to your online doctor in bed so you can continue to rest while you figure out what may be wrong with you.

Of course, in the case of an emergency, you must call 911 and make your way to the ER. However, for minor concerns, a virtual doctor consultation may be all you need. Best of all, you can sign up today in no time at all. To consult a doctor via Tembi™ today, follow this link to get started!

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