Do I Need to See a Doctor? How to Know if a Virtual Clinic Visit is Enough

When we start feeling sick or uncomfortable, the first question we ask ourselves is, “Do I need to see a doctor?” While some ailments like the common cold can be treated with over the counter medicine, home remedies, and plenty of rest, it’s always a good idea to see a doctor whenever possible. Doctors can catch things we don’t notice, help us prevent problems from getting worse, and prescribe the proper medicine after diagnosing the disease or injury.

Unfortunately, seeing a doctor isn’t always easy, especially in extremely high- or low-populated areas where there is insufficient supply for the demand. Long wait times discourage some people from visiting their doctor, while travel deters others. Not everyone can find reasonable transportation to their doctor.

For these reasons, online healthcare programs have started to rise in popularity. Those new to these services might be skeptical about their effectiveness, however. Let’s take a look at how an online doctor consultation works so that you can decide whether or not a virtual clinic visit is enough.

What is a Virtual Doctor Consultation?

You can think of a virtual doctor consultation as you would any other doctor visit. The only difference is that the interaction takes place online over the phone or via video chat. You’re still seeing a real, board-certified doctor or physician assistant. These professionals will ask you questions, listen to your concerns, and even prescribe you medicine if necessary. The advantage here is that the patient can stay in the comfort of their home. There is no physical transportation involved, and no public risk of spreading or receiving diseases.

Of course, the major difference between a real doctor visit and a virtual one is that there is no physical contact. Through video chat, your doctor can still visually examine your symptoms, but not via touch or other in-person methods. This is why online doctor consultations are best for treating things like rashes, skin infections, the common cold, flu, and urinary tract infections. Many online doctors can also order lab and radiology tests for you.

Can I Trust Online Doctors?

You can trust a doctor online just as much as a doctor in person. This is because online doctors are real doctors with board certification, experience, and sometimes their own practices. Many of these physicians and pharmacists work or have worked in urgent care centers, hospitals, primary care facilities, and other health care institutions. Therefore, you can rest assured that regardless of your problem, these professionals can help you and/or guide you to the right treatment.

Is a Virtual Clinic Visit Enough for Me?

In short, the answer is yes in most cases. Most common ailments can be diagnosed over the phone or video chat. Certified online doctors can then write you a prescription to be delivered to your pharmacy of choice. For things like routine physical examinations and serious or sudden emergencies, you’ll want to visit a doctor in person. Your online physician can even recommend doctors in your area who can help you further.

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