Help, My Child is Sick! Common Childhood Ailments that Can Be Treated with an Online Healthcare Provider Appointment

As a parent, few things are more troubling than when your child gets sick. Because their immune systems are still developing, children can contract all kinds of illnesses. Fortunately, many of these diseases are common and easily treatable, especially if caught early on. If you don’t have access to transportation and can’t bring your sick child to a pediatrician, you have options. Today you can see an online doctor who can diagnose your child’s ailment and even prescribe the proper medicine. Let’s take a look at some of the most common childhood illnesses that can be treated via a virtual doctor consultation.

Common Cold

Most of us have fallen under the weather from the common cold. Kids catch colds easily because they’re often surrounded by other children at daycare or school. Treating the common cold mostly requires rest and fluid intake. An online doctor consultation will help determine whether or not your child has a cold by going over his/her symptoms and then give you advice for proper cold treatment.

Ear Aches

On average, kids suffer from ear pain more than adults. These aches can come for a few different reasons. Ear pain might simply be caused by sinus pressure or be related to a cold or other sickness. It might also be a sign of ear infection. Kids’ growing immune systems make it more difficult to fend off infection, making this pretty common. While it’s ideal to bring your child into the doctor’s office to diagnose the cause of ear pain, online doctors can also examine the problem and symptoms. For ear bacterial ear infections, antibiotics are typically prescribed. Most infections are viral, however, and won’t require this measure.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

UTIs are common in children and adults alike, especially in women. These bacterial bladder infections can make urination painful and frequent. Other symptoms include abdominal or back pain. Doctors will want a urine sample to determine definitively if your child has a UTI. Some online doctor services will even provide laboratory orders for a proper diagnosis.

Sore Throat

A sore throat is an extremely common ailment for people of all ages. When your child has a sore throat it can mean one of several things. It may simply be the result of a viral infection, which will go away on its own in seven to ten days. Your child may also have strep throat, which is caused by a bacterial infection (streptococcal) and requires antibiotics for treatment. For a proper diagnosis, doctors need a swab sample of the throat for lab testing. This can be done quickly in office, or your online doctor may be able to order such a test for your child.

If your child or children are sick and you’re unable to bring them to a health care location, receiving an online consultation is a powerful alternative. Of course, you’ll want only the best provider for your kids. Tembi™ features a skilled team of doctors, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants ready to help you and your family. It’s easy to use and only takes ten minutes to sign up. Follow this link to get started!

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