Keep Your Workforce Healthy with Less Cost and Less Time Spent in Waiting Rooms

The average American worker takes about four to five sick days a year. Taking a day or two off of work is sometimes necessary and the right thing to do. However, sick days add up, especially during seasons where colds and the flu are more rampant. All it takes is for one employee to come down with something, and soon enough most of the office is staying home.

When this happens, productivity can take a big hit. And, of course, you want your workforce to be healthy and happy. You can’t expect every staff member to visit the doctor regularly. However, you can offer them an easy and convenient way to speak with a doctor without visiting the doctor’s office: Tembi™ Health.

How Tembi™ Can Keep Your Workforce Healthy

Tembi™ provides a way for anyone to talk to a doctor online quickly and at a low cost. When someone in your company feels unwell, they can use Tembi™ to go over their symptoms with a board-certified medical professional, get advice, and even have a prescription written if needed. Some of the issuesTembi™ treats are:

Common Cold


Ear Aches

Sore Throat



Urinary Tract Infections

And much more...

Every doctor, nurse practitioner, pharmacist, and/or physician assistant you speak with is well-trained, certified, and experienced, so you can rest assured that you receive the best advice and proper attention. Your provider might recommend that you visit your primary care provider after your virtual doctor consultation. Still, Tembi™ is a great place to start if you’re not feeling well and need advice on your time.

Advantages of Tembi™ Health

There are several reasons to utilize Tembi™ in concert with other health care providers. As we’ve already mentioned, convenience is key. Setting up a doctor’s appointment can take a while, only to hear that you have to wait even longer to see a doctor in person. Urgent care facilities offer a quicker way to see a medical professional, but these can also yield extensive wait times, especially during times when illnesses are more common.

Sometimes you won’t be able to find reliable transportation to a doctor’s office, either. And even brief visits to a primary care provider or urgent care facility can rack up a high bill. Setting up an online doctor consultation with Tembi™ couldn’t be simpler. It’s fast, requires minimal form-filling, and you’ll be speaking with an online doctor in just ten minutes or less. Best of all, you can do it from the comfort of your home.

You won’t be able to eradicate all sick days from your workplace. You can, however, take measures to help your workforce stay healthy and get the attention they need when they need it. Telling your employees about Tembi™ is a great first step to maintaining a healthier, happier office this holiday season and beyond. Follow this link to get started!

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